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inepal.org is an initiative by Sanjaal Corps to centralize quality Nepali content, ideas and future plans into one place. Everything here is related to Nepal, Nepali Language and Nepali People.

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Welcome to iNepal.Org

We are data, quality and content driven company run by professionals in their leisure time. Our aim is to be a #1 service and data driven company serving Anything-Nepali.

iNepal hosts a large number of Nepali poems, articles, stories and even recipes. Some of these were formerly posted at our parent company Sanjaal Corps but now have been migrated over to this domain.
This portal will share the ideas we have for Nepal on a multitude of topics. We welcome constructive, futuristic and even dreamy ideas for Nepal.
Our professionals also are working on developing digital products for Nepal and Nepali people. As we mature, these products will be brought into the Public's eyes.